Huge Thanks To

My dearest friend Gary Burgess for his strength, passion and positivity which inspired me to launch this fundraiser.


My children. Tina and Alex Campanella for their help and support and mostly their inspiration and encouragement.


His Excellency The Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey. Sir Ian Corder & Lady Corder. Marco Ciotti & Staff.


Catharine Haywood PR. Who has kept me sane and stayed so close during the prelaunch.



John de Garis. Photographer and friend. For the beautiful jumping images and his support.



KPMG CI Directors for all their help and support.



All Directors and Board Members of Cancer Research Guernsey and UK. Who have worked alongside me all through this.



Ravenscroft for all their help and support. Especially Jon Ravenscroft for putting up with my constant asking for help!



The Partnership Agency. Especially Tony Tostevin. Who have been a huge support with staffing for this project.



Printed Guernsey for working very last minute on our merchandise!

Printed in Guernsey Logo

And last but not least. All the others involved. Too many to mention but especially my friends for listening to the ongoing puddles conversations over the last months.


Susie X