Wherever you are, it’s important that you follow your Government’s coronavirus safety guidelines while jumping in puddles for cancer: this campaign began on the island of Guernsey, which has so far been able to keep the virus under control and has different rules in place to the rest of the UK. This is why you might not see masks in all of our amazing jump photos.

You can jump in a puddle in your garden, your paddling pool, while out locally on your daily exercise or if you see the perfect puddle on your way to get essentials from the supermarket: you could even get creative and do your jump indoors - perhaps by recruiting your favourite teddy to jump into the sink on your behalf!

Or why not simply share one of our puddle pics to spread the word - you don’t have to go outside to do your bit for cancer research.

Please also jump safely - the organisers and supporters of this campaign cannot be held responsible for any injuries resulting from overenthusiastic jumps. You’re already helping to make a splash simply by being involved, so while we want you to have fun expressing your inner child please remember to be sensible - and look before you leap!